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Reiko Imoto’s exhibition in the art centre POL’n

POL’n Ι free entry
From saturday 16/09 to Thursday 21/09 Ι 3 pm to 7pm.
From friday 22/09 to sunday 24/09 Ι 10 am to 7 pm.
Ending of the exhibition in the presence of the artist the 24 of september at 6 pm.



Slide shows

At the Blockhaus DY10 and at POL’n Ι free entry
From Friday 22/09 to sunday 24/09 Ι 10 am to 7 pm.



“Diaporama” at the Cinématographe

Projection of films dedicated to photography.
What I am looking for Shelly Silver, USA, 2004.
Giacomelli-contacts Y.Gianikian and A.Ricci-Lucchi, 1993.
La jetée Chris Marker, France, 1962.
Le photographe Pip Chodorov, France, 1990.

Thursday 21/09 8.30pm Ι Le Cinématographe
Ticket 4,5€ discount ticket 3€


Projection of the serial programs ‘Contacts’.

Famous contemporary photographers comment their photos.
From the 22/09 to the 24/09 Ι 10h to 19h Ι
POL’n  Ι free entry

Denis OlivierEVENTS

“Diaporama night” at Le Lieu Unique: projection of photography and music live.

Saturday 23/09 at 9 pm Ι Le Lieu Unique Ι free entry

«Je dis : photographie ! »

Anna Igluka will declaim her poetry with photography backing prepared for this special occasion.
Thursday 20/09 at 9.30 pm Ι POL’N Ι free entry

«The photography : an off sociology ?»

Conference by Joëlle Deniot, from the University of Nantes.
Friday 22/09 at 7pm Ι POL’n Ι free entry


the public is invited to pose for the photograph Gildas Paré on the them of Liberty.
Sunday 24/09 from 11am to 5pm Ι Le Blockhaus DY10 Ι free




Start of the photo-marathon

Saturday 23/09 start at 12am Ι Le Blockhaus DY10 Ι
Cost: 10€ (includes a colour film and it’s development)

Photo-games presentation.

From Friday 22/09 to sunday 24/09 from 10pm to 7 Ι POL’n Ι free entry




The demystification of studio photography.

Saturday 23/09 at 2.30pm Ι POL’n Ι duration 2h30 Ι free

Pinhole Workshop

Saturday 23/09 from 2pm to 7pm Ι Le Blockhaus DY10 Ι free
Children must come with an adult.


Digital touch-up, demonstration.

Saturday 23/09 at 10am Ι POL’n Ι duration 2h Ι free


Workshop dedicated to digital slide-show.

Sunday 24/09 10 am Ι POL’n Ι duration 2h Ι free
Bill Schwab


The places (see map):

  • POL’n : 11, rue des Olivettes (near the bus station)
    Le Blockhaus DY10 : 5bis, bd Léon Bureau (near the tribunal)
    Le Cinématographe : 12bis, rue des Carmélites (near the castle)
    Le Lieu Unique : entrance quai Ferdinand Favre (near the railway station South)